Staff Directory of the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce

Wendy K. Northcross, CCE, Chief Executive Officer
Phone: 508-362-3225 x517    Email:

R. Christopher Adams, Chief of Staff
Phone: 508-362-3225, ext. 525    Email:

Karen Cummings, Fiscal & HR Manager
Phone: 508-362-3225 x519    Email:

Greta Georgieva, Sales Assistant
Phone: 508-362-3225 x533    Email:

Kristen Mitchell Hughes, Vice President of Tourism Marketing
Phone: 508-362-3225 x531    Email:

Meridith Ingram, Account Executive/Member Services
Phone: 508-744-5560   Email:

Peter Karlson, Entrepreneur in Residence

Patti Lloyd, Vice President of Sales
Phone: 508-362-3225 x535    Email:

Dawn Mitchell, Visitor Information Services
Phone: 508-362-3225 x528    Email:

Clare O'Connor, Economic Development Initiatives
Phone: 508-362-3225 x521    Email:

Martha Powers, Vistor Information Services
Phone: 508-362-3225 x528    Email:

Julie Quintero-Schulz, VP of Member Services and Community Development
Phone: 508-744-5564   Email:

Win Rowell, Visitor Information Services
Phone: 508-362-3225 x528   Email:

Laura Taylor, Account Executive/Member Services
Phone: 508-362-3225, ext. 510   Email:

Danielle Walsh, Office/Info Systems Manager
Phone: 508-362-3225 x516    Email: